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Bonsai Foundation Clinic:

    Answers a great need for perpetuating the fine art of Bonsai in Hawaii. Through theory and practice, basic and advance instruction a foundation is taught from which enthusiasts grow and develope a knowledge of bonsai. 


Monthly support workshops strengthen the budding bonsai-ist. Advanced classes and guest speakers help round out the learning process.


Sensei Keith Schultz

Steff Moderow


      Encouraged by our students, we offer an inventory of bonsai supplies. Shop at competitive prices from a wide selection of wire cutters, scissors, pruners, concave cutters, splitters, tweezers, scoops, chisels, tool kits, aluminum wire, pots, akadama and so much more.


During the instructional part of the basic class a lot of interesting and helpful information was presented in which many questions were answered. The hands on part of the class was nice in being able to put learned things into practice. The class was enjoyable and a fun experience. The monthly workshops are a learning and hands on session which helps to bring everything together.


    One of our most exciting projects was replanting Japan Master Senseie Subaru Kato's Ironwood Forest.  He custom made the large slab upon which Ironwood trees from the Island of Kauai were planted.  

    The major undertaking was a joint effort of students from BFC and Rainbow Clubs and was held at the 2017 Kunia Orchid Show in Wahiawa. 

    The original forest planting held more than 40 Ironwood trees; however, over many years trees died off to a handful of survivors.  The 2017 replanting comprised of 21 Ironwood trees. 

   A Beautiful Resurrection

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