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Sensei Keith Schultz

    Sensei Keith hails from Milwaukee, Wisconson; however the Hawaiian Islands have forever claimed his heart.  Hawaii has been home since his retirement from the Marine Corps in 1997.

    Although bonsai weaved its spell on Keith during his teen years, it wasn't until his deployment to Okinawa Japan that sealed his love of the "little trees in pots."  In 1994, formal extensive training under Master Ed Nakanishi, and more than a decade later working with Master Kenji Miyata from Toyohashi, Japan.  Through convention workshops under bonsai greats, John Naka, Ben Oki, Harry Harao, Dennis Makishima, Lindsay Shiba, etc. advanced training resulted.  Exposure to Japan gardens of Diazo Iwasaki, Saburo Kato, Kenji Miyata, Mr. Mitsuya, Mr. Suzuki, and Mr. Nakamura just to name a few along with their secrets that Win at the Kokofu ten, has given Keith insights among bonsai elitists that he willingly shares with fellow bonsai-ists.

    Unlike many sensei's who gravitate toward one or two plant species, Keith enjoys variety in his garden.  He admits that the Japanese Black Pine species gives him his greatest challenges.  When asked about his oldest bonsai, Keith believes it may be an Ironwood which has survived from WWII.

    Keith's natural leadership qualities won him the Presidential position in the Hawaii Bonsai Association (2 Terms) and the Pearl City Bonsai Club President since 2003, a position he continues to this day.  He was pass President of the Paradise Bonsai Club. Keith was also asked to serve as Advisor and was subsequently voted VP of the Rainbow Bonsai Club. Keith also chaired HBA's Education Committee for several years.

    Master Sensei Ed Nakanishi encouraged his students to perpetuate the Art of Bonsai, and in his year of passing (2010), Keith rose to that challenge.  He honored his Sensei and co-established the Bonsai Foundation Clinic.  Rave reviews highlight Keith's abilities from the breadth of foundational knowledge to the depth of advanced levels of expertise, all with respect toward bonsai and bonsai lovers.  Basic and advanced classes are supported by free monthly workshops that build confidence, knowledge and hands-on practice.

    Keith's generosity to share and teach bonsai becomes apparent as seen in many demonstrations at numerous places, including GSBF Convention and Texas with Sensei Miyata, also GSBF Bougainvellia demo, BCI Hawaii Convention (2000), Valley Isle Bonsai Club (Maui), Home Depot, Hawaii Bonsai Association ABC's Classes, Pearl City Bonsai Club, Rainbow Bonsai Club, Classic Bonsai Club, Pacific Bonsai Club, Tokai University, University of Hawaii, Hui O Laulima Senior Citizen Group, and Kanoelani Elementry School.  

    Other interests include cooking and showing his refurbished Jaguar at car shows.

    Personal qualities reveal a sunny disposition and an engaging and "go-for it" philosophy; much gets done when Keith's around. And, he does it with fun and enthusiam.

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